We offer internship possibilities for:

  • Biotechnology Students,
  • Bioinformatics Students,
  • Informatics Students.

We are still working on the internship descriptions, but if you are intrested, please mail us at


As biotechnology student you are interested in DNA/RNA sequencing. You will help preparing samples for Next-gen sequencing on Roche and Illumina technologie. Research in your internship will be our last new technologie: PacBio.


Each sequencing run deliveres a huge amount of raw data (more then 300Gb). This data must be demultiplexed, aligned, ... It will be your task to help the development of the pipelines, and also help our clients with some custom bioinformatics as SNP-calling, ...
More info on this site: Bioinformatics


Each experiment deliveres a lot of data, this data is stored on a central server. Your task will be designing a (JAVA) program that helps us to keep track of all the data, but also to make it editable for both us and our clients, downloadable, visualization, ... For this job you will work with remote data access, a MySQL server, webservices, ...
For this internship knowledge of biology isn't needed, but being interested will help.
More info on this site: Computing and Data Storage

Contact: +32 16 33 08 21