Computing & Data storage

The genomics core provides access to its computing and data storage infrastructure for customers performing sequencing analysis tasks.

The infrastructure consists of a high performance cluster (HPC) containing two head nodes (load balanced for spreading the user; active/passive for the master role of the scheduler). Apart from the head nodes there are 17 compute nodes with a total of 512 cores and 2,5TB of RAM memory.

The HPC has NFS access to 4 storage nodes (Filers) in a cluster environment with today a total capacity of over 1,2PB. The storage nodes have 10Gbit/s interconnects.

More detailed:

  • two head nodes with each two 8-core AMD Opteron 6128 processors running at 2,0GHz and 32GB RAM
  • 7 Compute nodes with each four 12-core AMD Opteron 6166+ CPUs running at 1,8GHz of which 7 have 256GB RAM, 1 128GB RAM
  • 1 Compute node with four 16-core AMD Opteron 6276 CPUs with 256GB RAM, and
  • 8 nodes with two 4-core AMD Opteron processors running at 2,3GHz and 32GB RAM

Today the head nodes have redundant non-blocking 1GBit/s uplinks, compute nodes have a single 1Gbit/s uplink, easily upgradable to 4x1Gbit/s.

The storage nodes have non-blocking 10Gbit/s network connections.

The cluster software is Bright Cluster manager 5.2, OS is Scientific Linux 6.1 and the scheduler is Sun Grid Engine 6.2 update 5.


Contact: +32 16 33 08 21