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Practical information

Please send samples on -20°C to prof. Joris Vermeesch, to  Sigrun Jackmaert, UZ Leuven, Centrum Menselijke Erfelijkheid, Herestraat 49, 3000 Leuven

Samples are genomic DNA in concentration of 10-50 ng/µl. The sample volume is at least 1 µl, preferrably 10 µl.

Do note that invoicing is based on the amount of plates, not the amount of samples. Therefore make sure that your plates are as full as possible in order to optimize efficiency.

It is also recommended that you leave 2-5 wells per plate empty,  so there is a blank reference.

More information
Sigrun Jackmaert, phone +32 16 37 25 22, email:
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Contact: +32 16 33 08 21